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Centro de masajes en Valencia
Centro de masajes en Valencia

What is the descontracturante massage?

The pressure on the muscles is stronger to eliminate the contracture and return it to its normal state. Contractures are usually caused by stress, poor posture, lack of rest or an excessively sedentary lifestyle.


Decontracting massage is a massage technique that focuses on releasing tension and pain in the muscles and joints. This type of massage is performed using deep, firm movements and is used to treat chronic muscular problems such as fibromyalgia, neck and back pain, muscle tension, sports injuries and postural problems.


Decontracting massage is performed by applying deep pressure to painful points on the body, using techniques such as kneading, rubbing and friction. The goal is to release tension in the muscles and joints, and improve flexibility and range of motion.

Reasons to have a decontracturizing massage

Here are several reasons to get a deep tissue massage:

  1. Relieves muscle pain: It helps alleviate pain and tension in the muscles, especially in the back, neck, and shoulders.

  2. Improves mobility: The massage enhances flexibility and range of motion in the joints and muscles.

  3. Aids in injury prevention: Deep tissue massage helps prevent injuries by strengthening the muscles and improving posture.

  4. Enhances circulation: It contributes to better blood circulation, reducing inflammation and joint pain.


In conclusion, decontracting massage is an effective technique to relieve muscle pain, improve mobility, reduce stress, prevent injuries and improve blood circulation. It is important to consult with a physician or health professional before receiving a decontracting massage.

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